Basics Series: Pump the Brakes - Going Back to the Basics of Trucking Law

To successfully defend a truck accident lawsuit, we all need a solid foundation. And the only way to build that foundation is to follow – and embrace – some very critical, fundamental steps.
Join Mike H. Bassett of The Bassett Firm and Whitney Lay Greene of Drew | Eckl | Farnham for a one-hour webinar that will explore the steps and concepts necessary to build a defense that is solid and will weather the storm of an increasingly aggressive plaintiff’s bar. From key parts of the FMCSR to responding to the catastrophic truck crash to preparing your driver for deposition, this program will have something for everyone.

Whether the ink on your diploma is still drying or whether you have handled trucking cases for 30 years, this webinar will have tips and pointers for everyone to start using immediately to better defend their trucking clients.

The registration rate is $75 for DRI members and $150 for non-members.

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