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Employment and Labor Law State-by-State Compendium: CD

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PRACTICE AREAS: Employment Law, Labor Law, Trial Tactics, Workers' Compensation

The Employment and Labor Law State-by-State Compendium provides a jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction survey of state employment law statutes, regulations, and common law precepts that commonly affect employers operating in those specific jurisdictions. It provides quick answers to questions that we all come across from time to time in reviewing and analyzing the legal requirements imposed upon employers by individual state laws. Every employment law practitioner will value the compendium as a vital resource and a handy reference to the laws of his or her own state, as well as other states. The publication covers significant, state-specific issues of employment practice, including anti-discrimination statutes and damages caps; wage-hour laws; state equivalents to FMLA; retaliatory discharge provisions; whistleblower laws; covenants not to compete; military service and employee leave.