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Deposition Institute

Chicago, IL

DRI is proud to present its fourth annual Deposition Institute. DRI recognizes that depositions of parties, fact witnesses, and experts largely dictate a litigator’s success in each case. Depositions inform defense lawyers in seeking summary judgment, obtaining a favorable outcome at mediation, leveraging for outright case dismissal, or, once at trial, critically impeaching a witness on cross-examination. Notwithstanding the importance of this skill set, emerging litigators often receive inadequate deposition training. Law schools routinely conduct trial advocacy classes, but they rarely provide deposition skills training. Likewise, in-firm mentor programs produce uneven success in the deposition training arena, with one study indicating that as many as 57 percent of lawyers take their first deposition without any training.

Designed specifically for the blossoming defense lawyer, this intensive three-day program fills the deposition training void. Students will attend a series of entertaining, informative, and interactive lectures covering all aspects of deposition taking. They will observe live deposition demonstrations conducted by experienced defense trial lawyers. And, utilizing small groups and a low faculty-to-student ratio, students will apply these lessons while participating in workshops providing hands-on training in taking and defending party and expert depositions, dealing with difficult witnesses and adversary counsel, and preparing witnesses for depositions—all under the tutelage of an experienced team leader and utilizing a litigation fact pattern designed to make the experience as real as possible.

Students will depart with court reporter transcripts and videos of their workshop depositions, a new network of trial lawyer colleagues, and, most importantly, improved deposition skills.

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