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2023 Annual Meeting Spotlight

Save the Date for DRI's 2023 Annual Meeting in San Antonio on October 25-27! 

Everything is bigger in Texas! Save the date for the 2023 DRI Annual Meeting in San Antonio on October 25-27, 2023. Make sure to sign up to receive updates about the meeting, including early registration rates, programming highlights, networking events, and more! We can't wait to see you there.

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2023 Construction Law


Amicus Update: The Center’s Brief in Acheson Hotels v. Laufer Confronts Unprecedented Expansion of the Standing Doctrine

Supreme Court

The DRI Center for Law and Public Policy recently filed an amicus brief before the U.S. Supreme Court supporting certiorari review of the First Circuit’s erroneous holding in Laufer v. Acheson Hotels, LLC, a case involving a well-established circuit split on the requirements for Article III standing. The case arose from a private enforcement action filed under the Americans with Disabilities Act. An administrative regulation promulgated under ADA requires accommodations offering guest room reservations “by any means” to “[i]dentify and describe accessible features in the hotels and guest rooms[.]” Id. § 36.302(e)(1). The plaintiff alleged that the defendant motel violated the ADA by operating a website offering room reservations without disclosing the required information. 

The disabled plaintiff, Deborah Laufer, is an advocate for disabled people’s rights. She is also a serial litigator who has filed more than 600 ADA enforcement lawsuits around the nation. She sues small businesses claiming their internet/online reservations systems violate the ADA by omitting ADA-required information about accessible guest rooms. But the businesses she sues are faraway establishments that she has never patronized and never will. When she sought out the challenged website, Ms. Laufer was not planning a trip and she did not need a guest room. Rather, she was trolling the internet looking for her next federal court case, i.e., trying to “injure” herself. 

After she randomly located the website in question, she sued, alleging the website failed to identify and describe the accessible features of guest rooms at the motel. The district court found she had no standing. In an unprecedented expansion of the standing doctrine and contrary to the well-reasoned decisions of other circuits that have dismissed Ms. Laufer’s claims, the First Circuit reversed and held Ms. Laufer has Article III standing. To the First Circuit, it is immaterial that the website was published to and accessible by the world at large. Yes, it was merely a coincidence she viewed it but that too is immaterial. It does not matter that her alleged injuries were deliberately self-inflicted. It makes no difference that she was never going to patronize the motel and that she has no need for the information of which she claims she was deprived. In the court’s view, the mere “injury” resulting from the claimed absence of information on the website combined with Ms. Laufer’s assertion of emotional upset is enough. Per the First Circuit, Ms. Laufer sustained a particularized and concrete injury and thus has standing.

The First Circuit got it wrong. So did the minority of other courts that have afforded Ms. Laufer standing (albeit using different reasoning). A circuit split where even the aligned courts disagree on the analysis has great potential to wreak havoc on society, businesses, and courts. The ADA safeguards disabled peoples’ fundamental right to be free from discrimination. It should not be used to undermine the standing doctrine and Article III of the United States Constitution.

The Center’s brief argues that the First Circuit incorrectly applied U.S. Supreme Court precedent, specifically the Court’s more recent cases that directly address informational injuries and the question of when people are injured by deprivation of information to which the law entitles them. To find that a bare violation of a procedural right to information confers standing, the court was supposed to evaluate how this right relates to “both history and the judgment of Congress.” Spokeo, Inc. v. Robins, 578 U.S. 330, 340–41, 136 S.Ct. 1540, 194 L.Ed.2d 635 (2016). The court did not do so. Instead, the First Circuit assumed without analysis that a standalone violation of this procedural regulation requiring public disclosure of information about guest rooms inflicts injury and confers standing. Based upon its conclusion that this regulation is such a right, the First Circuit held that Ms. Laufer had standing because (1) the regulation was violated and (2) she experienced feelings of “frustration, humiliation, and second-class citizenry.” 

This holding is incorrect. The federal courts must not be “transform[ed]” into a “vehicle for the vindication of value interests of concerned bystanders.” Allen v. Wright, 468 U.S. 737, 756, 104 S.Ct. 3315, 82 L.Ed.2d 556 (1984) (emphasis in original) (quoting United States v. SCRAP, 412 U.S. 669, 687, 93 S.Ct. 2405, 37 L.Ed.2d 254 (1973)). The First Court’s unprecedented expansion of the standing doctrine creates uncertainty and opens the proverbial floodgates of litigation by encouraging crusader plaintiffs to sue for ADA violations and by countenancing courts to conclude that plaintiffs in other analogous contexts were injured. The Center’s brief gives examples of the “slippery slope” created by the circuit split, showing how future plaintiffs in other situations could use the court’s flawed legal analysis to vastly expand the law of standing.  

This circuit split has the potential to harm the American economy and particularly small businesses in the accommodation industry. The accommodation subsector is a major player in the American economy. It was decimated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Women- and minority-owned businesses were particularly affected. Although Congress saw the wisdom in authorizing private enforcement of the ADA, it did not foresee the emergence of the internet and the digital era. It also did not envision ADA tester plaintiffs like Ms. Laufer. Lawsuits cost money and time. ADA enforcement actions filed by serial litigators harm small businesses. The costs and burdens of litigation are unwarranted where plaintiffs lack standing to sue. Disabled Americans are the largest minority group in the U.S. If every disabled person who is susceptible to hurt feelings and who wants to crusade for justice has Article III standing, the law of standing will be eviscerated.

DRI members regularly represent clients who must defend against the expansion of Article III standing. DRI members also represent businesses operating in the accommodation subsector of the American economy as well as other kinds of businesses subject to Title III of the ADA.  The Center’s amicus brief was authored by Sarah Elizabeth Spencer of Christensen & Jensen, P.C., in Salt Lake City. The brief was quoted in an article published on

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2022 Spotlight

DRI 2022 Wrap Up

2022 Wrap Up Visual

Thanks to the DRI Community, 2022 was a fantastic, fulfilling year. From raising over $20,000 to support those in need to offering over 60 seminars and over 250 hours of CLE, DRI and the DRI Community not just accomplished our goals, we exceeded them.  

Take a look at some of our major accomplishments this past year: 


  • 60+ Seminars, Webinars, and Town Halls  

  • 250+ Hours of CLE  

  • 170+ Hours of On-Demand Education       


  • Added nearly 1,500 new members to the DRI Community  

  • The new Enterprise Solutions offering expanded to include Enterprise Membership  

DRI Foundation  

  • More than 4,000 people impacted by efforts  

  • Over $20,000 raised to support those in need  

  • Service project participation at 40+ DRI Seminars and Meetings  

DRI Center for Law and Public Policy  

  • Filed ten amicus briefs  

  • Produced two white papers  

  • Created six new subcommittees/task forces/working groups  


  • 30+ issues of DRI publications 

  • Launch of Court & Counsel: The DRI Blog 

But we’re not planning on slowing down with a successful 2022. We’re looking forward to another year of growth, community, and education in 2023. Join us as we see what we can accomplish in the new year. 


Amicus Update: The Center Files Joint Brief with DANY in NY Court of Appeals Premises Liability Case

Lady Justice

On December 13, 2022, the New York State Court of Appeals—New York’s highest court—granted the motion by the DRI Center for Law and Public Policy (The Center) and the Defense Association of New York (DANY) to submit an amici brief in support of the defendant landowner in Estate of Murphy v. New York City Housing Auth., APL-2021-0079. The unfortunate underlying incident was part and parcel of an ongoing violent altercation between two groups of people that culminated in the intentional and vicious murder of plaintiff’s decedent at an apartment building operated by defendant-respondent. The perpetrators were tried and convicted of murder. The decedent’s estate sought to hold the owner liable for an unforeseeable and targeted attack by assailants with murderous intent. The defendant was ultimately successful in having the complaint dismissed in New York’s Appellate Division, First Department, which is New York’s intermediate appellate court, but the ruling created a conflict with the Appellate Division, Second Department. The Court of Appeals will resolve the dispute. 

In the amici brief, The Center and DANY argued that allowing plaintiff to maintain the complaint would expose landlords in New York to insurer-type liability as virtually no lock, security camera, or other minimum safety device would have prevented these assailants from committing the heinous murder that gives rise to the instant action. To require a property owner to prevent injuries to the victims of targeted attacks would require a standard greater than the minimum currently required of reasonableness, and the deleterious ramifications on property owners and municipalities in New York State if they are liable for the unforeseeable and intentional criminal acts of trespassers over whom they do not control will increase the likelihood of unlimited or insurer-like liability, resulting in higher premiums, and eventually higher rents and taxes. 

The amici brief on behalf of The Center and DANY was authored by Brendan T. Fitzpatrick, Andrew Zajac, Rona L. Platt, Lisa L. Gokhulsingh, Jonathan T. Uejio, and Daniel W. Gerber. 

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January Membership Campaign  

New Year + New Goals = DRI Membership 


As the largest bar association for civil defense attorneys and in-house counsel, DRI invests in the success of the profession and those who practice. Spread the word about DRI and help those new to the profession invest in their future with a DRI membership. 

DRI helps members reach their professional and personal goals by: 

  • Easily giving and getting referrals with DRI’s Find a Lawyer tool 

  • Expanding your professional network through countless networking opportunities 

  • Building your brand and your firm’s brand through opportunities to position yourself as a subject matter expert at your firm 

  • Attend quality CLE programs through DRI’s seminars, webinars, and on-demand learning that help you expand your knowledge on various topics while earning essential CLE hours 

  • And more

Think of the ways DRI has impacted your career trajectory. You can help your friends and peers create that same growth for their future by introducing them to DRI.  

Encourage the civil defense attorneys and in-house counsel that you know to join DRI this January by using the code DRINewYear2023! This will give them access to invaluable membership benefits plus $100 in free CLE! Learn more here

Product Liability
Sexual Torts


Center Forms Working Group to Address MDL Issues 

The DRI Center for Law and Public Policy is excited to announce the formation of an MDL Working Group within its Legislation and Rules Committee. Multidistrict litigation (MDL) cases currently constitute more than 70 percent of all federal civil cases. The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, however, are often inconsistently or inappropriately applied in these cases. MDL cases can pend for years costing clients astronomical amounts of money and often resulting in little benefit to the actual plaintiffs in these cases. Recently, a number of groups have offered suggestions to improve the MDL process. The Federal Civil Rules Advisory Committee of the U.S. Courts has sketched a new rule—FRCP 16.1—focused on an early exchange of information between the parties in MDL cases. The Center’s new working group has been tasked with reviewing and advising The Center about this proposed new rule and other related MDL rule proposals.

Past DRI and Center President Toyja Kelley (Locke Lord) has been appointed chair of the new working group, with Darleene Peters (Irwin Fritchie) serving as vice chair. Other members of the working group include Carlos Benach, Ryan Clark (Lewis Thomason), Jeff Holmstrand (Grove Holmstrand), Anita Modak-Truran (Butler Snow), Torrey Peterson (Shook Hardy), and Rob Wise (Nelson Mullins). “The Center’s Management Council has assembled DRI members—experienced in handling different aspects of MDL proceedings, many unique to this type of proceeding—who are interested in these issues, exactly what is needed for the kind of issues the group will face,” said the Center’s Legislation and Rules Committee Chair Jim McCrystal (Sutter O'Connell). “DRI’s SLCs, particularly those related to industries most affected by this form of litigation, are encouraged to share any thoughts about MDL issues with the Working Group.”

Judicial Security Bill Passes
The Center for Law and Public Policy applauds Congress for passing the Daniel Anderl Judicial Security and Privacy Act, as advocated for by DRI.

In Case You Missed It…
DRI recently published a report highlighting many of The Center’s 2022 accomplishments. Stay tuned for more updates about The Center in 2023!

Toyja KelleyDarleene PetersTroy BellRyan ClarkJeff HolmstrandAnita Modak-TruranTorrey PetersonRob Wise 
Pictured, L to R: Kelley, Peters, Bell, Clark, Holmstrand, Modak-Truran, Peterson, Wise

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DRI Committee Spotlight

SLC Corner | Litigation Skills & Product Liability 

SLC Corner Narrow

Scale of justice - gold scale
Litigation Skills Committee

The Litigation Skills Committee helps defense counsel across the country navigate the mine fields of litigation.  From anticipating and responding to plaintiff’s litigation tactics to providing support, education, and encouragement to overcome the pre-trial stressors that cause even the best lawyers in our country to second-guess themselves.  The Lit Skills network is a great resource for the creative, strategic and client-focused lawyer. The committee focuses on issues that impact defense counsel, including plaintiff’s tactics that increase the risk of huge verdicts and, as a result, overvalued settlement demands, as well as the interactions between defendants, insurance carriers, and attorneys continue to create opportunities and challenges for strategic defense of lawsuits.

A great way to learn more about the committee is to attend the Litigation Skills Seminar on February 1-3, 2023 in Austin, Texas. The seminar includes two panel discussions involving in house counsel and insurance companies that will discuss how the defense team can effectively communicate throughout key stages of litigation. There will also be several networking events so the Lit Skills crew can deepen national business relationships for referrals and strategic collaboration. Register today!

Keep an eye out for the Litigation Skills “.1 Series”, which is a culmination of 6-minute practice tips from defense counsel. More information will be shared at the seminar in February!

Want to get involved?

  • Join the Litigation Skills Committee.

  • Follow the Litigation Skills community page -- set up daily email notifications so you can stay up to date with what is being posted.

  • Attend the monthly steering committee calls!  The committee will post on the community page when the next month’s call is scheduled.  Everybody is welcome to attend.

  • Join the steering committee.  We’ll have several leadership opportunities for 2023 & 2024. Contact Committee Chair Chris Turney at or Vice Chair Pamela Newsom Lee at for more information.

Barcode Scanner - machine scanning label

Product Liability Committee

The Product Liability Committee brings together top thought leaders and in-the-trenches in-house counsel together to discuss current law and new developments that impact our practice and our client’s potential liabilities. One of the biggest issues is how product liability law is applied to ever-changing technology--whether that be for artificial intelligence, autonomous products, smart products, and even social media/web-based products.  The committee has 18 Specialized Litigation Groups (SLGs) that you can join and learn more about specific product liability areas.

A great way to learn more about the committee is to attend the Product Liability Conference on February 1-3, 2023, in Austin, Texas. This year’s program is stacked with a full schedule of outstanding topics and speakers, including 15 in-house counsel or company representatives! Speakers include CPSC Commissioner Stuart Feldman for a fireside chat about the developments at the CPSC and a discussion by Steven Georgevitch, Boeing Global Services Supply Chain, and DRI CEO Dean Martinez (former General Counsel of the Association for Supply Chain Management) about how disruption in our global supply chain will impact product liability. Register today!

There are more opportunities to learn and network in 2023. The Product Liability Committee has two additional seminars in 2023 -- Fire Science Litigation and Strictly Auto that will take place on August 16-18th in Washington, DC.  The committee also has a Product Liability 101 Webinar on January 20th.

Committee Chair Gretchen Miller describes another benefit of membership, “Product Liability is one of the most engaging and welcoming committees you will find – and you will also find that we truly have a great time together, which makes being involved in DRI all the more worthwhile!”

Want to get involved?

  • Join the Product Liability Committee.

  • Follow the Product Liability community page -- set up daily email notifications so you can stay up to date with what is being posted.

  • The committee has many opportunities to get involved. Membership Engagement Chair, Rick Griffin is a great direct contact that can help you find a place to get involved that matches your interests.  Contact Rick at


Read Our Newest Blog Post—Legal Technology: The Future of the Business of Law 

Learn how legal technology will revolutionize the business of law – and why you should care. 

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Legal technology is quickly becoming an essential part of any successful law firm’s operations.  In recent years, technology has become an indispensable part of the legal industry, and we only expect its impact to grow moving forward. 

Check out our new post on Court & Counsel: The DRI Blog to learn more!

Court & Counsel: The DRI Blog – Your premier resource for civil defense content.

Publications Spotlight

Calling all members! Have a few minutes? DRI would love to hear from you.

Content Questionnaire Graphic

Contribute to our content planning for 2023 by filling out our questionnaire. All questions are optional, so it’ll only take as much time as you’d like to give!



DRI Members Share Their Victories

HAT Attorney Michael Phillips Receives Arbitrator’s Award

Michael Phillips, on behalf of his client, received an arbitrator’s award following a three-day Hearing. The arbitration was between Claimant, the daughter of a senior care resident who passed away following an acute onset of sepsis, and Respondent, a long-term care facility, defended by Phillips. The Claimant alleged Respondent was negligent in failing to timely transfer her mother to the hospital – resulting in her mother’s otherwise avoidable death.

In addition to expert testimony, Claimant provided a timeline and supporting video in support of her position. In addition to presenting evidence that rebutted Claimant’s evidence, Phillips was able to impeach Claimant with her self-serving timeline and related video. After hearing the evidence, a reasoned award was entered in favor of Phillips’ client.
Michael Phillips

San Francisco Team Secures Complete Defense Verdict in Jury Trial for the University of California

San Francisco Bay Area Managing Partner Marie Trimble Holvick and Partner Amber Eklof of the San Francisco office secured a complete defense verdict on December 22, 2022, after a lengthy jury trial in Alameda County Superior Court.

The University of California is one of the largest employers in the state of California. The plaintiff was a former assistant professor at the UC Berkeley campus. Four students accused the plaintiff of sexual harassment. As a result, the plaintiff was terminated following multiple Title IX investigations, an investigation by faculty investigators, and a hearing conducted by UC Berkeley’s Committee on Privilege & Tenure. The allegations against the plaintiff were widely publicized at the time, as was the decision to terminate him. 

In response, the plaintiff alleged that he had been subjected to disability discrimination, harassment, and retaliation. Specifically, he denied the sexual harassment allegations and claimed that his disability was the real motivation to terminate him.  

The trial lasted seven weeks and was conducted via Zoom. The plaintiff requested an award of several million dollars, but the jury returned a defense verdict in favor of the University and awarded the plaintiff nothing. 

The University filed a cross-complaint against the plaintiff to recover money paid to settle claims filed by the four students who had accused the plaintiff of sexual harassment. The jury also found in favor of the University with respect to the cross-complaint. 

Marie Trimble HolvickAmber Eklof
Pictured, L to R: Trimble Holvick, Eklof

DRI Member News

Congratulations to DRI Members for Their Achievements

Baker Sterchi Cowden & Rice LLC and Foland, Wickens, Roper, Hofer & Crawford, P.C. announced today that the two law firms will merge effective Jan. 1, 2023.  The combined firm name will be Baker Sterchi Cowden & Rice LLC. Baker Sterchi managing member, Scott Kreamer, will continue to serve as the managing member of the merged firm. More than 20 Foland Wickens attorneys will move into the Baker Sterchi Crown Center offices in Kansas City, Missouri. The new firm will have offices throughout Missouri, Illinois, and Kansas.  Both firms have had DRI members for many years, In addition, Baker Sterchi is DRI’s first Enterprise Member. 

Dinsmore & Shohl LLP has announced a merger with San Diego firm Mulvaney Barry Beatty Linn & Mayers LLP. The merger, which became official on January 1, 2023, will add 10 attorneys and a team of eight business professionals to Dinsmore’s southern California offices. Dinsmore & Shohl has more than 35 DRI members, including DRI member Jill Cranston Rice, who serves as a National Director for DRI, and has been a DRI member since 2001. 

Irwin Fritchie Urquhart Moore & Daniels LLC is pleased to announce that DRI member Timothy F. Daniels has been elevated to a named member of the firm. Tim Daniels is a Fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers, President-Elect of the National Association of Railroad Counsel, former President of the New Orleans Bar Association, and serves as an Adjunct Professor and member of the Board of Trustees at the Louisiana State University Paul M. Hebert Law Center.  Timothy has been a DRI member since 1995. 

In addition, congratulations to Gretchen F. Richards (DRI member since 2022) and Carlos A. Benach (DRI member since 2016) for their election to Partner at Irwin Fritchie. Gretchen and Carlos have each demonstrated exceptional leadership both within the firm and in their communities, and Irwin Fritchie is excited to see them thrive in their new roles. 

Plunkett Cooney partner and medical liability trial lawyer and DRI member since 2018, Justin J. Hakala was recently inducted as a member of the Michigan chapter of the American Board of Trial Advocates. With membership by invitation only, Justin is one of six attorneys selected by current members to join ABOTA’s Michigan Chapter. 

National defense litigation firm Hawkins Parnell & Young LLP will grow its West Coast presence at the beginning of 2023 by bringing on 50 Selman Breitman LLP attorneys, expanding Hawkins Parnell's litigation team by more than a third and its number of locations by roughly a quarter.  

If you have a recent achievement or recognition, you would like featured, email your news to Please note that DRI reserves the right to review all accomplishments to ensure they are adequate for publishing. All submissions will be reviewed for relevance and compliance with DRI’s mission.  Submissions may be edited to conform with our standards, and space limitations. 


SLDOs Name Officers for 2022-2023 Term

During the month of December, three DRI members have been named officers for the upcoming 
2022-2023 leadership term in their State and Local Defense Organizations (SLDO):   

Kansas Association of Defense Counsel has selected Ryan K. Meyer (DRI member since 2012) as President-Elect, Samantha M. H. Woods (DRI member since 2014) as Treasurer, and Tyler E. Heffron (DRI member since 2022) as Secretary.  

Seminar Spotlight

What We're Looking Forward To

2023 Insurance Coverage and Claims Institute

March 8–10, 2023 | Chicago 


Ashlyn M. Capote of Goldberg Segalla LLP, Insurance Law Membership Vice Chair:
"People like the opportunity to explore a city that they’re in, and Chicago has a lot for attendees to explore."

Jonathan Schwartz of Freeman Mathis & Gary LLP, Insurance Law Committee Chair:
"We’ve been doing ICCI in Chicago for as long as I can remember, until last year. This year, we’re back in Chicago, and we’re excited to be back!"

DRI Cares

DRI Asbestos Medicine Seminar Partners with Solutions for Change

The DRI Asbestos Medicine Seminar partnered with Solutions for Change for its DRI Cares project.  The goal of Solutions for Change is to solve family homelessness - one family, one community at a time. Right now, 20 million people are stuck in The Churn in the United States—including millions of stressed parents and children without a stable place to grow. Since they opened their doors in 1999, Solutions for Change has seen how homelessness and poverty trap people in a cycle of hardship, temporary relief, and dependency. This cycle called The Churn—it’s a costly and futile cycle that captures the most vulnerable and keeps them and their loved ones trapped. The goal is to teach people to fight The Churn, and help them overcome to live happy, independent lives.

Attendees at the DRI Asbestos Medicine Seminar assembled Thanksgiving Meal Kits for the families staying in the Solutions for Change placement building. Kits included: Gift card for purchase of a turkey, Stuffing, Mashed potatoes, Cranberry sauce, Gravy, 2 cans veggies and Desert mix. Giving these deserving families a wonderful meal made us all truly Thankful.

Solutions for Change collage


DRI Welcomes the Following Members and Advocates:

New Members
Justine M. Casey, Costa Mesa, CA                                                                    
Douglas W. Dunham, New York, NY                                                                     
Daniel P. Lenaghan, Omaha, NE                                                                       
Lewis Robert Shreve, Mobile, AL                                                                     
Shannon C. Burr, New Orleans, LA                                                                    
Nathan A. Lindsey, Saint Louis, MO                                                                  
Chelsey Stromsness, Minneapolis, MN                                                                 
Jacob T. Palcic, Goshen, IN                                                                         
Emily Palmiscno, Omaha, NE                                                                          
Betsy Seeba-Walters, Omaha, NE                                                                      
Caitlin Jared, Carmel, IN                                                                           
Bronwyn Martin, Toronto, ON, Canada                                                                 
Brittany Carlson, Louisville, KY                                                                    
Chalon C. Young, Pittsburgh, PA                                                                     
Alex Patricia Rives, Peoria, IL                                                                     
Nadeem B. Bohsali, Glen Allen, VA                                                                   
Allisha Anne Vogel, Dickinson, ND                                                                   
Kevin Wooden, Rancho Cordova, CA                                                                    
Lauren Navarro, Kansas City, MO                                                                     
Elizabeth Christine Griffin, New Orleans, LA                                                        
Beau S. Brooks, Thibodaux, LA                                                                       
Ghazal Ullah, Shreveport, LA                                                                        
Nicholas D. McGuire, Pittsburgh, PA                                                                 
Steven Edward Tambon, West Conshohocken, PA                                                         
Kenny Akinro, Indianapolis, IN                                                                      
Shana Sue Smith, Charleston, SC                                                                     
Elizabeth Lynn Finch, Metairie, LA                                                                  
John C. Dalton Griffin, Shreveport, LA                                                              
Jennifer D. Chrystal-Clark, Omaha, NE                                                               
Caroline McKenna, New York, NY                                                                      
Rachel L. Sodee, Nashville, TN                                                                      
Brian Asher Maloof, Livingston, NJ                                                                  
Rachel A. Lisle, Oklahoma City, OK                                                                  
Nicole E. Crossey, Princeton, NJ                                                                    
Tatiana Mosbey, Atlanta, GA                                                                         
Amanda H. Sargent, Pittsburgh, PA                                                                   
Ryan E. Gallagher, Florham Park, NJ                                                                 
Robin Mark, Birmingham, AL                                                                          
Alex Joseph Stelly, Jr., Beaumont, TX                                                               
Susan M. Weidner, Portland, ME                                                                      
Tyler Rankin, Richmond, VA                                                                          
Angelica Jarmusz, New Albany, OH                                                                    
Elizabeth Wroblewski, Houston, TX                                                                   
Ameet D. Patel, San Francisco, CA                                                                   
Akeem Williams, Portland, OR                                                                        
Harry Arnold, Las Vegas, NV                                                                         
Rachel Raphael, Vienna, VA                                                                          
Lorne Grant Hiller, Nashville, TN                                                                   
Madison Claire Stewart, Lexington, KY                                                               
Elizabeth White, Carmel, IN                                                                         
Tami Fleek, Omaha, NE                                                                               
Steve Golej, Omaha, NE                                                                              
Cassandra Neal, Schererville, IN                                                                    
Katherine M. Cook, Baton Rouge, LA                                                                  
Jamie D. Blue, Raleigh, NC                                                                          
Lori Metcalf, Scottsdale, AZ                                                                        
Teresa O. Sirianni, Pittsburgh, PA                                                                  
John Danna, Gretna, LA                                                                              
Elizabeth J. Klingelhoefer, Kearney, NE                                                           
David E. Lamm, Pittsburgh, PA                                                                       
Denise M. Montgomery, Philadelphia, PA                                                              
Eugene P. Murphy, Miami, FL                                                                         
Jenny Costa Honeycutt, Charleston, SC                                                               
Matthew S. Hefflefinger, Peoria, IL                                                                 
Patrick J. Kenny, St Louis, MO                                                                      
Albert K. Alikin, Los Angeles, CA                                                                   
C. Meade Hartfield, Birmingham, AL                                                                  
Rachal Chance Kramar, New Orleans, LA                                                               
David P. Corrigan, Richmond, VA                                                                     
Cary E. Hiltgen, Oklahoma City, OK                                                                  
Douglas K. Burrell, Norcross, GA                                                                    
Elizabeth R. O'Connor, Omaha, NE                                                                    
Shannon Marie Kippers, Baton Rouge, LA                                                              
David H. Levitt, Chicago, IL                                                                        
Debbie Riley, Lawrence, KS                                                                          
Jeffrey C. Napolitano, Metairie, LA                                                                 
Joseph C. Amoroso, Florham Park, NJ                                                                 
Kasia S. Park, Portland, ME                                                                         
Mary Jo Rebelo, Pittsburgh, PA                                                                      
Mark A. Perkins, Shreveport, LA                                                                     
Daniel (Dan) Lee Lindstrom, Kearney, NE                                                             
Frank D. Calvert, Beaumont, TX                                                                      
Jeffrey E. Lowe, Agoura Hills, CA                                                                   
Nicholas Grant, Dickinson, ND                                                                       
Sean O'Mahoney, West Conshohocken, PA                                                              

DRI Education

Upcoming Seminars & Webinars


2023 Civil Rights and Governmental Liability Seminar
January 23–25, 2023 | Las Vegas, Nevada 
Attend the 2023 Civil Rights and Governmental Liability Seminar and gain invaluable information and tools to represent your governmental clients. You will also have opportunities to network and exchange ideas, techniques, and winning strategies with experienced litigators and insurance professionals.

2023 Construction Law Seminar
January 23–25, 2023 | Las Vegas, Nevada
The future of construction defense is happening now. Join the DRI Construction Law Committee in Las Vegas as we share thoughts and strategies for advancing the defense construction practice moving forward.

2023 Women in the Law Seminar
January 23–25, 2023 | Las Vegas, Nevada
Attend the 2023 Women in the Law Seminar and benefit from a variety of workshops, CLE sessions, and networking opportunities designed to help women attorneys and their supporters take control of their professional development and prioritize their health and wellness.

2023 Litigation Skills Seminar
February 1-3, 2023 | Austin, Texas
The 2023 Litigation Skills Seminar will also focus on insights from the client perspective with two panels of nationwide claims executives touching on the most important aspects of litigation practice. Join us in Austin, Texas, to learn about the latest and greatest in trial techniques while networking with colleagues and building new relationships.

2023 Product Liability Conference
February 1-3, 2023 | Austin, Texas
At the 2023 DRI Product Liability Conference, learn the latest in product recall news, elevate your expertise on product liability issues arising from the expansion of artificial intelligence, and examine the impact the COVID-19 pandemic had on jury selection strategies.

2023 DRI Insurance Coverage and Claims Institute
March 8–10, 2023 | Chicago, Illinois
Join us this spring in Chicago at DRI’s flagship seminar for insurance executives, claim professionals, and outside counsel. The 2023 Insurance Coverage and Claims Institute promises to provide an array of outstanding speakers to keep you up-to-date on the latest developments in the industry and current trends in insurance coverage.

2023 Medical Liability and Health Care Law Seminar
March 8–10, 2023 | Chicago, Illinois
Join us in Chicago for a seminar that has something for everyone, including analyses of high-profile legal events that “broke the internet.” Topics include medical practice after Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the impact of live-streaming trials, and the ethical minefield that is representing a provider in a malpractice claim when the provider is also facing criminal charges for medical decisions.

2023 DRI Sexual Torts Seminar
March 13–14, 2023 | Indianapolis, Indiana
Defending businesses, churches, schools, and other institutions against liability for sexual abuse is a daunting challenge for defense lawyers.  Attendees will gain valuable education about investigation and discovery, statutes of limitation, evaluation of damages, and insurance coverage issues from experienced lawyers and professionals.

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New Year’s Resolution Bundle
New year means new business! And the DRI New Year’s Resolution Bundle can provide you with the knowledge to help grow your practice and client base. Save 75% by purchasing this set of four on-demand courses. 

Food Forensic Safety - It is Not Always a Gut Feeling
January 17 | 12 p.m. CST
Sponsored by J.S. Held

Product Liability 101 - An Introduction to Basic Concepts
January 20 | 11 a.m. CST

What You Need to Know: Upcoming Standard for Digital Safety Information and Other ANSI Z535 Updates
January 24 | 12 p.m. CST
Sponsored by Rimkus

Chemistry's Role in Building Material Failures
January 25 | 12 p.m. CST
Sponsored by ESi

2023 DRI Labor Law Virtual Boot Camp
February 8 | 11 a.m. CST

State Trial Court Research + Analytics for Defense Counsel - Tips & Best Practices!
March 1 | 12 p.m. CST
Sponsored by Trellis

Quote of the Month

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” -Martin Luther King, Jr.