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Barrels of Toxic Waste

2023 DRI Toxic Torts & Environmental Law Seminar

Attend DRI’s Toxic Torts Seminar, April 26-28
Building in New Orleans with plants hanging

2023 Business and Intellectual Property Litigation Super Conference

Attend DRI’s Super Conference, April 26-28
Landscape New Orleans downtown

2023 Life, Health, Disability, and ERISA Seminar

Attend DRI’s Life, Health, Disability, and ERISA Seminar, April 26-28
In a laboratory observing the effects of cannabis

2023 Cannabis Law Seminar

Attend DRI’s Cannabis Law Seminar, May 2-3
Interviewer interviewing an interviewee

2023 Employment and Labor Law Seminar

Attend DRI’s Employment and Labor Law Seminar, May 3-5
Zoomed in microscope and glass dropper onto glass tubes

2023 Drug and Medical Device Seminar

Attend DRI’s Drug and Medical Device Seminar, May 3-5
Wind turbine and solar panels

2023 Wind Energy Litigation Seminar

Attend DRI’s Wind Energy Litigation Seminar, May 15

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