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Maximize your time at the Annual Meeting by visiting the Showcase Theater to experience micro-learning: short, educational sessions packed with content and easy on your schedule! While you’re on the show floor, mingle with exhibitors, friends, and colleagues. Discover new technologies, products, and services geared toward assisting you in representing your clients and building your practice.

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Thursday, October 26, 2023

Time (Central)Session
12:15–12:30 p.m.Top 10 Tips for Crisis Management

Join us to review the framework that a company/firm should have in place for when an emergency situation lands on their doorstep. It is important for companies, firms, lawyers and adjusters to have the knowledge and resources to handle a crisis situation and avoid being unprepared or caught flat-footed. Understand how establishing a crisis management plan is essential so that company personnel are not overwhelmed, and operations are not compromised.

Marisa Trasatti, Cipriani & Werner, Hunt Valley, MD
12:35–12:50 p.m.Adolescent Development and Risk-Taking Propensity Why it Matters for the Defense

It is well documented that adolescents are more likely than adults to engage in risky behaviors. The leading cause of harm and death in adolescents and young adults are unintentional accidents, including road traffic accidents, drownings, and drug overdose and poisoning. An allegation that often arises from these types of accidents and cases is that an accident could have been averted if only the adolescent or young adult had been provided additional or modified warnings, instructions, or safety information. Those in the audience that have worked with human factors experts to challenge failure to warn allegations are probably familiar with some of the warnings science indicating that for a warning to be effective, three conditions must be met—the individual must: (a) notice the safety information; (b) read and understand it; (c) act upon the information to ensure safe use of the product or of the environment (e.g., pool, beach, etc.). The goal of this presentation is to enhance the audience’s understanding of why adolescents and young adults sometimes make questionable decisions, and how the above-mentioned conditions are less likely to be satisfied when the protagonist of the accident narrative is an adolescent or young adult. This presentation will showcase seminal studies on adolescent brain development and highlight the ways in which the science of adolescence, in combination with warnings science, can be used to assist in legal matters pertinent to defense practitioners, insurance companies, and clients. To showcase, the presentation will integrate audience polling, short video clips (<30 seconds in length), and gifs (because no presentation on adolescent decision-making is complete without it).

Karol Silva, Exponent, Philadelphia, PA
12:55–1:15 p.m.DRI Town Hall

Join DRI’s President, Lana A. Olson and President-Elect, Patrick Sweeney along with DRI CEO Dean Martinez, for an open discussion about what’s going on at DRI and what the future holds for the organization.
1:20–1:35 p.m.Social Inflation and Third Party Litigation Funding: What you Need to Know Now

Third Party Litigation Funding ("TPLF") is an area of growing concern in claims and litigation. TPLF is a key driver of social inflation and lawsuit abuse. TPLF recently made headlines due to the ongoing dispute between Burford, a major litigation funder, and Sysco, the food distributor. This session uses examples pulled from the headlines to explain the impact TPLF has on litigation. We will briefly define TPLF and explain its uses. We will then discuss the impact TPLF may have on litigation, including loss of party control, inflated settlement values, and encouraging fraudulent claims. We will conclude with a discussion of what attorneys can do to minimize the impact of TPLF their cases.

Michael Goodin, Zurich Insurance Company, Irvine, CA
1:40–2:00 p.m.Reality Capture For Litigation – A Live Demo

Whether it’s digitally preserving evidence, providing a foundation for detailed analysis, or creating trial demonstratives, the ability to create a digital twin of any site or subject can change the way we approach litigation. Join us for a live demonstration as we highlight different Reality Capture tools and various ways Reality Capture data can lead to success.

John E. Swanson, S-E-A, Glen Burnie, MD

Friday, October 27, 2023

Time (Central)Session
12:15–12:30 p.m.
Technology Assisted Review - Real World - Practical uses of A.I. in Discovery and Litigation Management

Max Newman, Arcuity, Riverside, CA
12:35–12:50 p.m.Wheel of Voir Dire Fortune

Trial lawyers consider voir dire to be one of the most critical (and fun) parts of any trial. During this session, a jury consultant and experienced trial lawyer go head-to-head in a dynamic and engaging format featuring audience participation. The panelist "contestants" will take turns spinning the "Wheel of Voir Dire Fortune" and must come up with voir dire questions for various scenarios on the spot, directing their questions to the prospective "jurors" in the audience. The panel will explore using voir dire to uncover bias, develop cause challenges, rehabilitate jurors after potentially harmful admissions, and other situations frequently facing trial lawyers.

Christina Marinakis, Los Angeles, CA
12:55–1:15 p.m.The Center for Law & Public Policy Town Hall

Come join us to learn about the amazing work being done within the DRI Center for Law & Public Policy. From filing amicus briefs, to tackling AI, addressing legal system abuse, proposing, commenting, and testifying on proposed federal legislation and rule changes, and supporting SLDO efforts at the state level, the Center truly is the voice of the defense bar.
1:20–1:35 p.m.What are "Off Channel Communications" and Why are SEC, DOJ and CFTC Focused on Them?

Off Channel Communications have become an issue with regulators and change the landscape for investigations and litigations. Join a discussion of the recent regulatory updates and how OCC is considered in representing clients.

Karyl Van Tassell, J.S. Held, Houston, TX
1:40–2:00 p.m.Rapid Fire – How to Protect Corporate Privilege: Five Best Practices You Can Implement Now

Privilege has become one of the most contentious areas of discovery, with requesting parties often greatly increasing their challenges to privilege claims. Privilege review and logging remain among the most expensive, time-consuming, and problematic processes in complex litigation. We will flag the current state of rulemaking, the ongoing challenges concerning privilege, and the top five approaches for GCs and counsel to protect privilege, defend privilege claims, and push the needle on the privilege log status quo.

Erica Zolner, Redgrave LLP, Chicago, IL
Jonathan Redgrave, Redgrave LLP, Chantilly, VA