DRI Committees


Joining any of DRI’s 29 committees is a great way to engage with the DRI Community, enhance your career, and grow your network. Practice areas range from Appellate Advocacy and Alternative Dispute Resolution, to Employment and Labor Law, to Insurance Law, to Product Liability and Workers’ Compensation. A number of the committees also have “specialized litigation groups” (SLGs) that focus on specific areas of practice.

There are also dedicated committees for in-house counsel*, diverse lawyers, women, and young lawyers. The DRI International Committee serves members who practice in Canada, Europe and the Pacific Rim. In this ever-changing global legal landscape, having access to diverse resources from around the world is no longer a convenience, but a necessity.

As a Committee member you will receive the most up-to-date legal information and meet some of the leading defense lawyers in your area(s) of practice. Committees offer numerous opportunities to network, exchange ideas, offer client referrals, and collaborate with other members with similar interests; and keep informed about key issues within the practice, as well as upcoming committee activities such as meetings, seminars, webcasts and publications.

Join now! You can customize your DRI experience and get involved in committees as…

  • A speaker
  • A writer
  • An organizer
  • A leader
  • A participant

...to advance your career and expand your global network.

Participation in a DRI Committee is an engaging and fulfilling way to help further the goals of the civil and corporate defense bar while developing a lasting professional network and enhancing your career

DRI is committed to providing its members with not only the highest quality educational experience and top-notch written resources, but also the best opportunity to network with pre-eminent defense lawyers. We encourage you to make the most of your DRI membership and join one or more committees and get involved.

Joining any of our committees is FREE with your DRI membership. Get the focused information you want and need to grow your practice today.

To get started, visit the Committee Listings, then select the committee you're interested in, and click "Join Committee". Once you’ve joined a committee, check out DRI Communities. The DRI Communities provide a space for committee members to discuss cutting-edge topics in their field, network with peers and industry leaders, explore upcoming events, and more.

*Members must meet DRI’s definition of in-house counsel.