Law Institute

Executives and leaders in a meeting room


Roman Lifson headshot

Roman Lifson
Christian & Barton LLP
Richmond, VA


Patrick J. Sweeney headshot

Patrick J. Sweeney
Sweeney & Sheehan
Philadelphia, PA

Vice Chair

Ted J. McDonald, III headshot

Ted J. McDonald, III
McDonald Law Group PA
Kansas City, MO


Anne M. Talcott headshot

Anne M. Talcott
Schwabe Williamson & Wyatt PC
Portland, OR

First Vice President

R. Jeffrey Lowe headshot

R. Jeffrey Lowe
Kightlinger & Gray LLP
New Albany, IN

Second Vice President

Jill Cranston Rice headshot

Jill Cranston Rice
Dinsmore & Shohl LLP
Morgantown, WV

Immediate Past President

Lana A. Olson headshot

Lana A. Olson
Lightfoot Franklin & White LLC
Birmingham, AL


Sara M. Turner headshot

Sara M. Turner
Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz PC
Birmingham, AL


Dean Martinez headshot

Dean Martinez
DRI - Chief Executive Officer
Chicago, IL

DRI Liaison

Laurie Miller headshot

Laurie Miller
DRI - Vice President, Education & Meeting Services
Chicago, IL

Committee Member

Pamela W. Carter headshot

Pamela W. Carter
Quintairos Prieto Wood & Boyer
New Orleans, LA

Committee Member

June J. Essis headshot

June J. Essis
Weber Gallagher
Philadelphia, PA

Committee Member

Mark A. Fahleson headshot

Mark A. Fahleson
Rembolt Ludtke LLP
Lincoln, NE

Committee Member

Daniel W. Gerber headshot

Daniel W. Gerber
Gerber Ciano Kelly
Buffalo, NY

Committee Member

Thomas J. Hurney, Jr. headshot

Thomas J. Hurney, Jr.
Jackson Kelly PLLC
Charleston, WV

Committee Member

Jaime Walker Luse headshot

Jaime Walker Luse
Tydings & Rosenberg LLP
Baltimore, MD

Committee Member

J. Richard Moore headshot

J. Richard Moore
Bleeke Dillon Crandall
Indianapolis, IN

Committee Member

Christopher T. Sheean headshot

Christopher T. Sheean
Swanson Martin & Bell LLP
Chicago, IL

Committee Member

Ford Stephens headshot

Ford Stephens
Christian & Barton LLP
Richmond, VA

Committee Member

Dwight W. Stone, II headshot

Dwight W. Stone, II
Miles & Stockbridge PC
Baltimore, MD

Committee Member

Sharon D. Stuart headshot

Sharon D. Stuart
Attorneys Insurance Mutual of the South
Hoover, AL

Committee Member

James E. Weatherholtz headshot

James E. Weatherholtz
Womble Bond Dickinson
Charleston, SC