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Take Your Career to New Heights with DRI

You’ve put in a lot of time and energy into your education, passing the bar, finding the right place to practice and more. Now is the time to prepare for the next phase in your career by joining the largest association for civil defense attorneys and in-house counsel. Join DRI today!

Young Lawyers within 5 years of passing the bar can join DRI at a special rate, which includes FREE access to one DRI seminar of choice (value $1,000) plus:

  • High-quality, low-cost CLE
  • Access to exclusive thought leadership in your area of interest – we have 29 Substantive Law Committees!
  • Mentorship – connect with the leaders in the field
  • Tools to build your book of business – it’s never too early to start growing your network
  • Exclusive member-only publications that provide you with a blueprint for the profession
  • Automatic enrollment in DRI's Young Lawyers Committee (YLC), which provides business development, professional development, and leadership opportunities.
  • And more!

Still a Young Lawyer, more than 5 years after passing the bar? DRI is still for you!

Become a Young Lawyer Member Today


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DRI is the leading organization for the civil defense community. We enhance the skills and promote the success of the civil defense bar through innovative programming, a vibrant membership community, and advocating on behalf of the legal profession. DRI is focused on business development and networking opportunities for more than 16,000 like-minded practitioners and industry representatives. DRI members come from diverse backgrounds and practice areas, working in firms of all sizes, as in-house counsel and as claims professionals. For over 50 years, DRI has been the recognized leader in providing the contacts, tools, resources and education needed to be successful in an ever-changing and competitive legal environment.

Benefits of DRI membership are many and always evolving. DRI is a community-like organization serving the civil defense community, where members can grow their practices, engage with others, network with colleagues, make new friends and learn from best-in-class education programs.

DRI is not a membership by invitation only organization. Membership is open to those who wish to learn and benefit from the many opportunities we offer.

DRI Membership Growth Stairs Goals Team

Growing your practice is made much easier

  • DRI invites in-house counsel to all of our educational events, at no cost.
  • DRI’s online membership directory allows you to create a profile, searchable by others. This resource is available to members only.
  • LegalPoint and the DRI Expert Witness Resources are tools that enable you to find the articles you need and the information on witnesses you want, 24/7/365, with just a few clicks. This resource is available to members only.

DRI is a community for you

  • Personalize your membership by opting to join any of our 29 Substantive Law Committees, at no additional cost.
  • These communities put you in touch with others and on a path to leadership. You may join as many committees as you like.
  • There are abundant opportunities for committee participation through which you can learn and thrive.

DRI Membership Group Interaction Planning Goals

DRI connects you in so many ways

  • LegalPoint
    LegalPoint is a members-only service providing DRI members with exclusive access to a vast online library of DRI articles, books and materials. Members can search thousands of documents and filter them by practice area and resource.
    LegalPoint includes content from:
    • For the Defense
    • In-House Defense Quarterly
    • Committee Newsletters
    • Defense Library Series (DLS)
    • Seminar Materials
    • DRI Defense Wins Reporter
  • Social Networking
    Be sure to connect with DRI online on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.
  • DRI Mobile App
    Be sure to check out the latest DRI mobile applications (apps) for your smartphone, which allow you to connect with fellow members with just a few clicks. You can also enhance your seminar experience through personalized schedules, reminders and more.

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Defense attorney—$320/year

Young lawyer (admitted to the bar five years or less)—$185/year
Young lawyers also receive a certificate to attend one DRI seminar of their choice for free, by itself a value of over $800.

Learn more about our Membership offerings.


These are some of the benefits that DRI provides for members, but there's so much more. Visit us online to learn more about how to make the most of your membership.