Expert Witness Database

DRI's Expert Witness Database is a leading repository of expert witness information on the market today.

With a growing database of over 65,000 plaintiff and defense experts, you can enjoy exclusive member access to a vast network of expert witness contact information and documents.

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Expert Witness Reports

DRI provides you with options to access more information on experts. These range from brief screenings to in-depth reports.

DRI Expert Witness Profiler

Comprehensive investigation of an opposing expert witness' professional and personal background is emerging as a standard procedure for litigators. And, failure to vet one's own expert properly could even result in professional liability exposure, such as a negligent retention claim. Simply put, expert witness profiling is good clinical practice and strategically advantageous.

DRI Witness Screening Report

Take a quick look to confirm your instincts; this cost-efficient report ensures that there are no surprises before trial.

DRI Witness Challenge Report

Speculative, flawed, impeached, irrelevant, not credible…all terms that can make a big impact on your case.

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