DRI Speaker Policy


Revised & Effective February 21, 2023

DRI Fully Compensated Speaker Terms

Travel Expense Limit

Round-trip coach class airfare will be reimbursed up to $500. Cab, owned automobile (Rate: 54.5 cents per mile) and parking not to exceed $200. Rental car and limousine service will not be reimbursed without prior approval. Receipts must be attached.

Hotel Accommodations

Two (2) nights in standard room, which DRI shall provide in its sole discretion.


Registration for compensated speakers is complimentary. Speakers may be asked to register themselves for the seminar.


There are no other payments or reimbursements associated with this Agreement other than the Travel, Hotel, Registration and Expense Limits listed above.

DRI Registration Only Compensated Speakers

Speakers who are offered complimentary registration shall receive no other reimbursements. Speakers may be asked to register themselves for the seminar.

Policies for All DRI Speakers

Main Stage Audio-Visual to be Provided

A computer for loading of Speaker’s slide deck presentation, projector and screen, timer clock and podium with microphone. For breakout sessions, please inquire about the AV that will be provided.


Speaker agrees to participate in the faculty meeting at the beginning of the seminar as well as report for his/her scheduled AV testing session (if needed). Speaker agrees that a manuscript suitable for applying for CLE/CE credit will be provided no later than sixty (60) days in advance of the seminar. Speaker further agrees to submit a slide deck presentation no later than fourteen (14) days prior to the seminar. If Speaker fails to submit a manuscript at least sixty (60) days in advance of the seminar, the session may not receive CLE credit and DRI may refuse to reimburse any portion of the Speaker’s expenses.

Speaker represents and warrants that the Speaker’s manuscript(s) and slide deck presentation (“Works”) do not infringe the rights, including intellectual property rights, of any third party. Speaker represents and warrants that Speaker has the power and authority to license the Works to DRI free of any claims and encumbrances of any kind. DRI may record Speaker’s presentation and Works for the express purpose of developing promotional video and/or on-demand content. Speaker hereby grants to DRI an exclusive license to distribute, promote, and sell said video or on-demand content. Speaker agrees that DRI may transmit the Presentation via webcast, webinar, or Closed-Circuit Television to monitors located offsite.

Seminar Participation

In addition to presenting the Speaker’s presentation at the seminar, Speaker agrees to participate in all networking events for the purpose of interacting with seminar attendees. This would include networking receptions, dine-arounds, breakfasts, refreshment breaks and other networking opportunities. Speaker further agrees that his/her name and/or company/firm logo may be used in promotional materials for the seminar and in the seminar agenda. If Speaker fails to participate in seminar networking events, DRI may refuse to reimburse any portion of the Speaker’s expenses.


DRI may cancel speaking engagements upon thirty (30) days’ written notice. In the event of termination, Speaker shall not be entitled to any payment or reimbursement other than nonrefundable preapproved travel expenses.

Force Majeure

Performance of a speaking engagement must be pursued with due diligence. However, neither party will be liable to the other for nonperformance or delay in performance due to causes not reasonably within its control, including, but not limited to, acts of civil or military authority, acts of God, war, riot, or insurrection, blockades, embargoes, sabotage, epidemics, pandemics, fires, floods, strikes, lockouts, or labor difficulties. In the event of any Force Majeure occurrence, the disabled party must use reasonable commercial efforts to meet its obligations as part of the speaking engagement. For all Force Majeure events, the disabled party must promptly and in writing advise the other party if it is unable to perform. The disabled party’s notice must include the expected duration of such inability to perform, and any developments that appear likely to affect the ability of that party to perform any of its obligations hereunder in whole or in part. Upon receipt of such notice, all obligations under the speaking engagement must be suspended immediately. If the period of nonperformance exceeds thirty (30) days from the receipt of the notice of the Force Majeure occurrence, the party whose ability to perform has not been so affected may suspend or terminate the speaking engagement by giving written notice to the disabled party.

Morals Clause

If at any time, in the opinion of DRI, Speaker becomes the subject of public disrepute, contempt, or scandal that affects Speaker’s image or goodwill, then DRI may, upon written notice to Speaker, immediately suspend or terminate a speaking engagement and Speaker’s services hereunder, in addition to any other rights and remedies that DRI may have hereunder or at law or in equity. Moreover, in the event that Speaker becomes the subject of public disrepute, contempt, or scandal that affects Speaker’s image or goodwill, Speaker must refund any previously paid expenses to DRI.


Speaker shall fully indemnify, hold harmless and defend DRI and its directors, officers, employees, agents, and affiliates (collectively, “Indemnified Parties”) from and against all claims, actions, suits, demands, damages, liabilities, obligations, losses, settlements, judgments, costs and expenses (including without limitation reasonable attorney‘s fees and costs), whether or not involving a third party claim, which arise out of, relate to or result from (1) any breach of any representation or warranty of Speaker contained in this Policy, (2) any breach of any covenant or other obligation or duty of Speaker under this Policy or under applicable law, in each case whether or not caused by the negligence of DRI or any other Indemnified Party and whether or not the relevant claim has merit.


All notices provided to DRI for this Policy must be given in writing and transmitted by personal delivery or certified mail, return receipt requested, postage prepaid, addressed as follows: DRI, Attention: Legal Department, 222 South Riverside Plaza, Suite 1870, Chicago, Illinois 60606. All notices provided to Speakers for this Policy must be given in writing and transmitted by electronic mail to the email address provided by Speaker.

Notices of Changes to Speaker Policy

In the event of any change to the DRI Speaker Policy, notice of such changes will be posted on the DRI website. Any changes to this Speaker Policy will become effective when we post the revised Speaker Policy on the DRI website. Your participation following these changes means that you accept the revised DRI Speaker Policy.