Medicare Secondary Payer Task Force


About the Committee

Most self-insured entities, liability insurers and other primary payers understand that there are mandatory reporting obligations under Section 111 of the Medicare, Medicaid and S-CHIP Extension Act (MMSEA) and have been reminded about the long-standing obligation to reimburse Medicare under the Medicare Secondary Payer Act (MSP). Many are still uncertain, however, what these obligations are, what the penalties for failure to comply include, and how these laws impact claims and litigation involving claimants who may be Medicare beneficiaries. The SMART Act amends the MSP Act with respect to Section 111 reporting as well as conditional payment reimbursement and regulations operationalizing the SMART Act will be promulgated fully at a later date. In short, the MSP Act is a work in progress and our clients need to be aware of the most recent changes in real time.

To that end, the DRI MSP Task Force has assembled materials to assist you and your clients in making your way toward understanding these, at times confusing, laws and requirements. You will find background information and materials to teach you about the history and intent of the legislation. You will find links to the laws and regulations themselves as well as official government websites that provide additional information and materials. We have also established a ListServe accessible through the DRI My Community to allow for the exchange of information and ideas as we all learn the best way to comply with these obligations, and we are working on a Best Practices Guide for your reference. Finally, we continue to compile a library of MSP case law. Our goal is to make this site your comprehensive resource for all things MSP related. Please use this website as your starting point for MSP compliance.