Corporate Counsel

Morgan J. Milner
Morgan J. Milner Committee Chair Modern Woodmen of America Rock Island, IL

About the Committee

"Growing a community of in-house lawyers to provide networking opportunities, practice resources, leadership experiences, and the skills to develop and advance."

The Corporate Counsel Committee ("C3") is comprised exclusively of in-house counsel, which we define as "a licensed attorney who is employed exclusively by a corporation or other private sector organization for the purpose of providing legal representation and counsel only to that corporation, its affiliates and subsidiaries." We work to help our members successfully meet the challenges unique to in-house practice. Through open and candid discussion, the exchange of ideas and best practices, and networking events, we strive to make meaningful "in-house to in-house" dialogue our hallmark

Conceptually, we organize our efforts within four broad areas of interest to in-house lawyers:

  • Corporate Management and Governance (including the general business and management skills needed in the modern corporate world)
  • Litigation Management (with special focus on the needs and issues facing in-house litigators and claims managers)
  • Corporate Compliance (providing education and skills to navigate the legal, ethical, and other requirements governing business conduct)
  • Commercial/Business Operations (emphasizing the key skills and strategies for supporting and commercial clients).
  • As part of our mission, C3 also strives to provide meaningful leadership experiences. C3's efforts are led by a steering committee of 17 in-house counsel from various industries, along with subcommittees addressing publications, programs, membership, and more. Participation in C3 leadership is welcome! We encourage you to contact Kris Carey, C3 Chair, for more information.

    Outside counsel should keep in mind that C3 provides a great vehicle for getting clients involved with DRI and providing value far beyond the normal lawyer-client relationship. Outside counsel are encouraged to contact Char Graczyk at DRI for more information that can be shared with in-house clients about the benefits of C3 membership.

    In-house counsel who would like to become C3 members may join by contacting Ms. Graczyk, who can also provide more on DRI's corporate membership plans and discounts.

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