Trucking Law

Terrence L. Graves
Terrence L. Graves Committee Chair Sands Anderson PC Richmond, VA

About the Committee

From the outset, the Trucking Law Committee leadership envisioned creating a committee dedicated to addressing the concerns of the trucking industry. Over the years, the committee addressed those needs by producing seminars, writing articles for the committee perspective issues of For The Defense dedicated to trucking law, a periodic newsletter to keep our members and clients informed about current developments and a compendium of the law of spoliation for all fifty states, the federal courts and U.S. territories. The Committee also held its first teleconference addressing hours of service requirements and driving fatigue issues. On the horizon we plan to work with other DRI committees to produce additional projects of interest to our committee members and clients.

The Trucking Law Committee has always taken pride in finding and recruiting the best talent to help it reach its goal to be the standard bearer for education in the trucking industry, to influence change and growth in the motor carrier industry and to have a positive impact on the public’s perception of the industry. To achieve this goal, we encourage participation of members from diverse backgrounds to serve in leadership positions and help in a variety of ways with the Committee activities. Opportunities abound for those committee members who are willing to volunteer. Simply put, we need and want your help!!

We are proud of what the Committee has accomplished, mindful of how much is yet to be done and excited by the many challenges and opportunities facing us. Please consider joining us on this journey.

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