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Richik Sarkar
Richik Sarkar Committee Chair Dinsmore & Shohl LLP Cleveland, OH

About the Committee

The Governmental Liability Committee (GLC) is comprised of over 600 talented and committed in-house government lawyers, private firm lawyers, insurance professionals, and government officials who devote a substantial amount of their time working with governments and their employees in the defense and prevention of litigation under 42 U.S.C. §1983 and municipal torts.

Our Committee 'serves those who serve' - police officers, teachers and school officials, case workers, social service providers, municipal managers, and corrections officers - who have the difficult and critically important job of insuring safety and the need for order, while protecting the rights and dignity of all members of our community; insuring that students are safe, while protecting their rights; providing governmental services effectively, cost-consciously and fairly, with limited resources; and balancing rights with responsibilities.

In recognition that our Committee encompasses a wide variety of areas- the GLC is broken into 3 Substantive practice groups - Law Enforcement (Police, Prison, Prosecutors), Schools, and Land Use. These substantive sub-groups allow our members, who focus in one of these three areas, to bring their specialized knowledge to the greater Committee, through newsletter articles, annual seminar topics and speakers, and Community posts.

Our annual Governmental Liability Program - traditionally held in January - is the pre-eminent civil rights conference for the defense bar and presents cutting-edge topics taught by leading litigators, professors, and other industry experts who share valuable insights and strategies in defending government and §1983 claims.

Our claims professional members from national and regional carriers, and insurance pools, work cooperatively with our private firm lawyers, through our Partnering with Industry Committee and annual Program to insure that we are presenting the most current topics, discussing best practices in defense and claims resolution, and recognizing and getting in front of litigation trends.

Given the vagaries of §1983 claims and defenses, and the creativity of our adversaries in court, we aim to stay on the "cutting edge" of the evolving standards in this challenging area of the law. This is done through a daily Community Page, biannual newsletters, biannual webcasts, a §1983 Compendium updated annually, an expert witness database, and a brief bank and library. The GLC is also regularly featured in the Committee Section of For The Defense.< /p> Through our membership and marketing efforts, and our affinity groups - Governmental Lawyers, Young Lawyers, Diversity, and Women in the Law - we continue to grow in both quantity and quality. We strongly encourage anyone who is interested in getting involved to contact our leadership as we have plenty of work and roles for everyone. Our success is realized through the invaluable support and unyielding efforts of our many talented members.

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