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Oliver Kunz, LLM
Oliver Kunz, LLM Committee Chair Walder Wyss Ltd Zurich

About the Committee

The Young Lawyers Practice Group provides its members with the best professional development, quality seminars and networking opportunities of any legal organization. Why Should You Join?
  • Experience direct and frequent interaction with leading lawyers and in-house counsel
  • Gain broad exposure through publishing and speaking opportunities
  • Access to multiple practice groups which provide opportunities to develop business relationships and market services
  • Access to several electronic newsletters
  • First-time DRI Europe Young Lawyers will receive a certificate to attend any future DRI Seminar for free.
Don’t miss this unique opportunity to develop unlimited business relationships and experience world-class legal programming. As a Practice Group member you can participate in the group during your first ten (10) years of practice. DRI Europe Young Lawyers with five (5) years or less of practice are entitled to a discounted membership rate of $130 per year.