Retail and Hospitality

Megan S. Peterson
Megan S. Peterson Committee Chair Simon Peragine Smith & Redfearn LLP New Orleans, LA

About the Committee

Welcome to Retail and Hospitality, one of DRI's newest and fastest growing substantive law committees! The mission of the committee is to provide preeminent legal education and professional development, and first class networking opportunities specific to the Retail and Hospitality industries. The members of this committee include outside counsel, in-house counsel and human resource professionals and claims specialists all working within the Retail and Hospitality industries.

The committee actively seeks individuals looking to become involved. Committee participation provides the opportunity to speak at the annual Retail & Hospitality Seminar and during web-conferences throughout the year. The web-conferences are designed to address the wide-ranging claims and challenges that are specific to the Retail and Hospitality industries with presentations by experienced litigators, in-house counsel and claims professionals.

The committee also provides multiple writing opportunities. The committee’s newsletter, Customer Connection • Retail & Hospitality News, is published semi-annually, with the first edition due to come out in March, 2015. Also, each year the committee submits a series of articles to DRI’s monthly magazine, For The Defense. These articles offer in depth scholarly analysis of recent developments and trends in the law. Finally, the committee will also be contributing an article to DRI’s Fall 2015 issue of “In-House Defense Quarterly” which is sent specifically to in-house counsel.

We are excited about what Retail and Hospitality can achieve and invite you to join the committee and get involved.