Amicus Committee

Matthew T. Nelson
Matthew T. Nelson Committee Chair Warner Norcross + Judd LLP Grand Rapids, MI

About the Committee

DRI files amicus curiae briefs in carefully selected cases that present issues of extraordinary importance to civil litigation defense lawyers, their clients, and the civil justice system. DRI may participate as amicus curiae at either the certiorari stage or the merits stage in cases pending before the U.S. Supreme Court, but only rarely files in federal court of appeals cases. Requests for amicus support in state appellate courts are referred to the appropriate state and local defense organizations.

DRI usually files amicus briefs in its name only. Generally, a case is considered eligible for DRI participation if (i) DRI can make a meaningful and original contribution to an appeal by presenting arguments, perspectives, or information that supplements rather than duplicates the supported parties’ briefs, or the briefs of other amici curiae; (ii) the case or issues are of exceptional significance to civil litigation defense lawyers, their clients, and the civil justice system; and (ii) the positions to be advocated by DRI are consistent with DRI's mission statement and goals.

DRI considers requests for DRI amicus participation if submitted on the DRI Amicus Request Form at least 45 days before the requested amicus brief is due (except in extenuating circumstances). If you are interested in requesting DRI's participation as amicus curiae, please contact DRI at for more information. DRI prefers that requests be submitted by counsel for the party seeking amicus support.

Where DRI agrees to participate as amicus curiae, DRI requests that counsel for the party/parties seeking support timely apprise DRI or its counsel of all relevant developments, including possible settlements, that could moot or otherwise affect the value of, or need or schedule for, preparation of a DRI amicus filing.