Center for Law and Public Policy

Kathleen M. Guilfoyle
Kathleen M. Guilfoyle Committee Chair Campbell Conroy & O'Neil PC Boston, MA

About the Committee

The DRI Center for Law and Public Policy through scholarship, legal expertise and advocacy, provides the most effective voice for the defense bar in the national discussion of substantive law, constitutional issues, and the integrity of the civil justice system. It is a voice that is heard through published research materials, extensive amicus briefs to the U.S. Supreme Court, the DRI National Poll on the Civil Justice System, practical tools and resources for DRI members, objective counsel to policy makers, and creative public education initiatives.

About Us

For more than fifty-five years, our parent organization, DRI, has been the voice of the defense bar, advocating for 20,000 defense attorneys and corporate counsel members and defending the integrity of the civil justice system. A thought leader, DRI provides world-class legal education, deep expertise for policy-makers, legal resources, and networking opportunities to facilitate career and law firm growth.

Observing a rise in adverse influences that threaten judicial independence; detecting a lack of balance in the plaintiff/defense debate on substantive legal issues, judicial process, and judicial reforms; and noting an alarming lack of public understanding of the critical role of the judiciary in a democratic society; DRI acted.

In September 2012, the leadership of DRI headed by President Henry Sneath created the Center for Law and Public Policy to act as a think tank and the public voice of DRI on issues of import to the defense bar

The Center offers:

  • Scholarship: The Center’s activities and products are based upon a sound scholarship of the law, the Constitution, and the judicial system.
  • Expertise: The Center draws upon the collective expertise of its leadership and 29 substantive law committees, composed of the finest defense attorneys in the country.
  • Education: A primary function of the Center is to provide balanced and impartial educational materials and stimulate discussions with policy-makers and the general public on judicial issues.
  • Advocacy: Where appropriate, the Center will take formal positions on substantive law, judicial process, and judicial reform from the defense bar perspective and work to communicate those opinions with the intention of affecting public opinion and public policy.

New Developments

USSC agrees with DRI amicus argument in BP et v. Baltimore. The opinion makes it clear that federal courts of appeals will be able to review all grounds for removing climate-change suits from state to federal court.

BP et v. Baltimore Full Information