DRI for Life

Nurturing Careers, Improving Professional Lives
Sara M. Turner
Sara M. Turner Committee Chair Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz PC Birmingham, AL

About the Committee

DRI Foundation DRI for LifeA career in the law can be exciting, exhilarating, and rewarding. However, lawyers suffer elevated rates of stress, substance abuse, addiction, depression, and even suicide. We strive for the right balance between work and personal life. We all have different ways of coping with our profession’s demands. DRI is committed to helping its members cope with these stresses in healthy and productive ways and to achieve work-life balance. DRI surveyed its members in 2014 and found overwhelmingly interest in broader program offerings to support wellness and work-life balance.

DRI for Life is the committee created to help our members help each other. DRI’s members have their own stories to tell – everyone is talking about health and wellness and DRI for Life is the forum for that discussion. DRI for Life allows for easy access to useful information and support for work-life balance and health issues. We encourage you to take advantage of the DRI for Life resources:

  • DRI Work Life Balance Resource Center – online bibliography of authoritative articles.
  • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Resource Center – online and telephone contact information to services for lawyers, friends, and family with mental health, substance abuse, or addiction.
  • DRI’s SOLACE chapter, "Support of Lawyers and Legal Personnel, All Concern Encouraged" – a national informal email volunteer help program for lawyers in crisis.
  • Work Life Balance Speakers Bureau – database of topics and speakers for work-life balance and wellness presentations at DRI seminars.
  • Blue Zone Activities – database of activities for DRI social events at seminars.
  • Activities Exchange – connecting DRI seminar attendees to meet up with each other for a run, a museum tour, a yoga class, a golf trip, or other fun activities.
  • DRI’s Substantive Committee Liaisons to DRI for Life – help implement the DRI for Life Career Path which distills ongoing education needs for health, wellness, and professional development according to lawyers’ "age and stage."

Get involved! We are working to instill DRI for Life values into DRI’s programming. DRI is here to help its members nurture their careers and improve their professional lives.