Cannabis Law

Renaissance Washington, DC Hotel
Washington DC

Thirty-three states have legalized medicinal cannabis and 10 states have legalized the recreational use of cannabis. However, the combination of the Controlled Substance Act (Schedule One), the resignation of Jeff Sessions, and ongoing regulatory uncertainty presents a barrier to full realization of the potential of this $50 billion-plus business. This quickly developing sector affects virtually every area of the law and provides opportunities to those with the knowledge base to guide clients and companies deftly through a shifting regulatory and legal landscape. DRI’s Cannabis Law Seminar provides you with subject matter experts who will share with you the knowledge and strategies needed by professionals, businesses, and insurers to traverse the complex pitfalls and prospects of cannabis legalization successfully.

BONUS: Members can attend BOTH Drug and Medical Device Litigation (May 16-17) and Cannabis Law (May 15) seminars for ONLY $1,185! That's only $190 more than the cost of the Drug and Medical Device Seminar alone! Register before April 15, 2019. Contact customer service at 312.795.1101 to register for both seminars.

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