Basics Series: The ABC’s of Section 1983 Litigation

So, you have received your first assignment to defend a Section 1983 Civil Rights action against your governmental client. What do you do now? Join DRI’s Civil Rights Committee Past-Chairs Dana Maine of Freeman Mathis and Gary and Jeff Lowe of Kightlinger & Gray and Sara Brochstein, partner at Freeman Mathis & Gary, on March 5, 2021 when they will discuss the basics of 42 U.S.C. Section 1983 and the defense of those claims. The presenters will discuss all the requisite elements of Section 1983 claims, who can sue, who can be sued, and the defenses to those claims. The presentation and the materials with the presentation will provide all attendees vital, necessary information to help you evaluate your client’s potential liability and defenses that can and need to be raised early in the litigation. Whether you are newly interested in this type of litigation or want a refresher course in Section 1983 litigation, this presentation will provide invaluable information and insight into your initial analysis of the claim.

The registration rate is $75 for DRI members and $150 for non-members.

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