2021 Civil Rights and Governmental Tort Liability Seminar

Nashville, USA
Renaissance Nashville Hotel - 611 Commerce St

Join us in Nashville, Tennessee for the 34th annual Civil Rights and Governmental Tort Liability Seminar. This year’s seminar will address the legal landscape after the global pandemic of COVID-19. We will hear about how the pandemic impacted government entities and what is being done about it. We will also have an honest discussion with high ranking current and former law enforcement officers of color – they will address whether the race of the defendant officer is a relevant factor that should not be avoided when developing the defense strategy. We will once again hear about the most relevant cases heard by the SCOTUS by nationally recognized legal scholars. Additionally, if you have struggled with preparing a witness, struggle no more. We will learn from a prominent witness and jury consultant on how to turn a poor witness into a star. What you hear could save your case. Indeed, this year we are not only taking on cutting edge topics, but we are discussing cutting edge issues, e.g., transgender inmates, student bullying and suicide, unconscious bias just to name a few. Of course, in addition to outstanding programing, you will also have plenty of time to interact with clients, colleagues, and friends. We will see you in Nashville.

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