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It’s a Jungle Out There: Hacking, Fraud, and Social Engineering Exploits Against Lawyers

Sponsored by LawyerGuard

If you haven’t been already been hacked, defrauded, deceived, victimized, socially engineered, or otherwise targeted, you will be. What can and should you do to protect yourself and your clients against malicious actors? How can you recognize the latest scams and exploits designed to separate you from the money in your business and trust accounts? What are your ethical obligations when you’ve been the target of, or victimized by, fraud? What are the insurance implications of falling for a scam? Join us to discuss loss-prevention strategies to keep you, your clients, and your money safe.

Noah D. Fiedler is the managing partner of Hinshaw's Milwaukee office and a member of the firm's Lawyers for the Profession® practice group. He has extensive experience defending lawyers in malpractice claims, as well as counseling individual lawyers, law firms and legal departments on risk management and ethics issues. With his vast knowledge on the subject, Noah has been vital in developing a variety of risk management resources, including Hinshaw's Safety Net®. He is also the co-editor of Hinshaw's Lawyers' Lawyer Newsletter and Cyber Alerts.

Kevin J. Sullivan is the Senior Vice President - Program Manager for the LawyerGuard Program, which provides lawyers professional liability insurance to law firms on a nationwide basis. He has over 35 years of professional liability underwriting/management experience, focusing on lawyers professional liability since 1995.

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