February 19, 2021

Dear DRI Members, Leaders, and Friends,

We hope you had a healthy, safe, and fun Valentine's Day week with your loved ones. However, we want to take a moment to reach out to our DRI members and their families in Texas and around the country dealing with extreme weather conditions. Please know that we are thinking of you and all of us are colleagues you can count on.

This week, we have a brief update regarding DRI. As we continue to manage and monitor COVID-19 related issues, we want to remind you about all of the programs now available virtually through the month of April: Life, Health, and Disability, ERISA, Cannabis Law, Drug and Medical Device, Women in the Law, Retail and Hospitality and Construction Law. In addition to these virtual seminars, DRI is also hosting a weekly webinar series for new attorneys or those entering a new practice area.  Please click here to learn more about these programs and other upcoming events.

Wishing everyone well and continued health.


Warm regards,

Emily CoughlinEmily Coughlin

Dean MartinezDean Martinez