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DRI has partnered with many State, Local, and National Defense Organizations (SLDOs/NDOs) to offer a free DRI Membership program for eligible members.

Program Eligibility

To qualify for the SLDO/NDO Free DRI Membership Program, you must:

Why DRI?

DRI is the largest association of civil defense attorneys and in-house counsel, connecting members regionally and nationally. We enhance the skills and promote the success of the civil defense bar through innovative programming, a vibrant membership community, and advocacy on behalf of the legal profession. DRI is focused on business development and networking opportunities for more than 16,000 like-minded practitioners and industry representatives. DRI members come from diverse backgrounds and practice areas, working in firms of all sizes as both in-house counsel and claims professionals.

For more than 50 years, DRI has been the recognized leader in providing the contacts, tools, resources, and education needed to be successful in an ever-changing and competitive legal environment. The benefits of DRI membership are countless and evolving. Learn more about all that DRI has to offer here.

Participating SLDOs/NDOs

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  • Alabama Defense Lawyers Association
  • Arizona Association of Defense Counsel
  • Arkansas Association of Defense Counsel
  • Association of Defense Counsel of Northern California & Nevada
  • Association of Southern California Defense Counsel
  • Canadian Defence Lawyers
  • District of Columbia Defense Lawyers Association
  • Connecticut Defense Lawyers Association
  • Florida Defense Lawyers Association
  • Georgia Defense Lawyers Association
  • Idaho Association of Defense Counsel
  • Illinois Defense Counsel
  • Defense Trial Counsel of Indiana
  • Iowa Defense Counsel Association
  • Kansas Association of Defense Counsel
  • Kentucky Defense Counsel
  • Louisiana Association of Defense Counsel
  • Maryland Defense Counsel, Inc.
  • Massachusetts Defense Lawyers Association
  • Michigan Defense Trial Counsel
  • Minnesota Defense Lawyers Association
  • Mississippi Defense Lawyers Association
  • Missouri Organization of Defense Lawyers
  • Nebraska Defense Counsel Association
  • New Mexico Defense Lawyers Association
  • New Jersey Defense Association
  • Defense Association of New York
  • North Dakota Defense Lawyers Association
  • Ohio Association of Civil Trial Attorneys
  • Oklahoma Association of Defense Counsel
  • Oregon Association of Defense Counsel
  • Pennsylvania Defense Institute
  • The Philadelphia Association of Defense Counsel
  • Defense Counsel of Rhode Island
  • South Carolina Defense Trial Attorneys' Association
  • South Dakota Defense Lawyers Association
  • Tennessee Defense Lawyers Association
  • Texas Association of Defense Counsel
  • Tri-State Defense Lawyers Association (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont)
  • Utah Defense Lawyers Association
  • Virginia Association of Defense Attorneys
  • Washington Defense Trial Lawyers
  • Defense Trial Counsel of West Virginia
  • Wisconsin Defense Counsel, Inc.
  • Defense Lawyers Association of Wyoming

Note: If you don't see your SLDO/NDO listed, encourage them to participate in the program.

Additional Details

  • Membership eligibility will be cross-referenced between DRI and SLDOs/NDOs. If it is determined you do not meet the qualifications, you will be given the opportunity to pay for an individual membership or have your membership terminated.
  • Individuals applying must meet DRI’s Individual Membership criteria: "Lawyers in private practice who devote a substantial portion of their professional time to the representation of businesses, insurance companies and/or their insureds, associations, or governmental entities in civil litigation."
  • Please contact for more information.

*Program dates may vary slightly by SLDO/NDO

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