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Financial Relief for Law Graduates: DRI Announces Law School Loan Refinancing Plan

  • Published April 25, 2018
    Modified July 09, 2020

DRI Members to Receive Exclusive Discounted Rate

CHICAGO ­– (April 24, 2018)—DRI – The Voice of the Defense Bar today announced a unique and valuable program for its younger members to provide assistance in retiring their law school debt.

The average law school graduate enters the job market with crushing debt, sometimes running into six figures. The American Bar Association has estimated that the average debt incurred by law students is approximately $84,000 for public law schools and a whopping $122,000 for private law schools.

To provide relief for DRI members, DRI has joined in an exclusive relationship with Laurel Road, a national online lending and banking company to offer student loan refinancing. Laurel Road has funded over $3 billion in loans in 50 states, for a total savings of $590 million, with customers saving over $20,000 on average over the life of their loan. In addition to its already low interest rates, Laurel Road will provide DRI members with an additional discount of .25%. Discounting even further, DRI members can save an additional .25% for signing up for Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).

“Most lawyers incur law school tuition debt,” said DRI Executive Director, John R. Kouris. “But, historically, it was nowhere near that faced by today’s graduates. This program helps young lawyers to focus more on their career and less on their debt, and we are very happy to offer it.”

Laurel Road has successfully worked with many other professional associations to offer similar refinancing benefits including:  the American Association of Physical Assistants, the American Optometric Association, and the American Dental Association. 

A no-fee, no application, easy-to-use three-step process has been created for DRI members to begin the refinancing process today.  DRI members simply need to click on to begin the process.


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