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New from the DRI Center for Law and Public Policy’s Third Party Litigation Funding Working Group

  • Published October 17, 2018
    Modified July 09, 2020

Third Party Litigation Funding: Civil Justice and the Need for Transparency

As the TPLF industry expands, and more and more parties enter the market on both the funder and recipient sides of the transaction, more and more ethical boundaries will be at risk. These transactions and issues affect more than the parties to the agreement, but the defendants and the court system, as well. Solid policy arguments support disclosure so that all parties—working from a truly level playing field—can make reasoned judgments on strategy and resolution.

In its new white paper, Third Party Litigation Funding: Civil Justice and the Need for Transparency, DRI offers its perspective as a protector and detailed observer of the judicial system, buoyed by the vast experience of its members, who are active daily in the trenches of state and federal civil courts. 

To access the white paper, click here.


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