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DRI Publishes “No Independence, No Justice”

  • Published May 14, 2019
    Modified July 09, 2020

CHICAGO ­– (May 14, 2019)— On May 10, 2019, DRI published the white paper titled “No Independence, No Justice”. The paper was researched and written by the Judicial Task Force of DRI’s Center for Law and Public Policy and is the successor to two previous white papers on judicial independence, Without Fear or Favor (1207, 1211).

The publication features sections on judicial salaries and the independence of the courts, court funding, defending the courts against political attacks, educating the public on the special role of the courts, and developments in judicial selection and campaign funding. Unlike “Without Fear or Favor” which was published in hard copy, “No Independence, No Justice” is published as an electronic document.

There are numerous advantages to this. One, by making it available online, there are minimal costs to the publication. Two, as a result, DRI is able to make the publication free to the public on its web site thereby increasing its circulation. Three, the publication can be easily updated by the addition of new chapters and the deletion or modification of existing chapters. Four, all chapters have a multitude of links to other organizations and publications making it a valuable research tool to readers.

“Regardless of personal ideology or political persuasion, we all have a stake in the independence of the courts,” says DRI Executive Director John R. Kouris. “All parties to a dispute are equals in the eyes of the court, but we must ensure that our courts enjoy that same equality as a co-equal branch of government without political or budgetary influences.  ‘No Independence, No Justice’ will be a useful and accessible resource to all who subscribe to its title.”

The full text of “No Independence, No Justice” can be found here.




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