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DRI Center Represents the Defense Bar in Articles

  • Published April 19, 2023

The DRI Center for Law and Public Policy was recently featured in two articles published on April 18th.

'They're Just Killing Us': Defense Bar Confronts Rise in Nuclear Settlements

In the first article, DRI Center Public Policy Chair John C.S. Pierce was featured in a discussion of the rise of nuclear settlements. Among other commentary, Pierce told the publication that media coverage concerning these substantial verdicts “get tossed into the pond of information that's out there that lawyers are using to evaluate their cases.”

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Are Lawyer Billboards Affecting Juries?

The second article focused on whether lawyer billboards are affecting juries. The article referenced The Center’s recent white paper on social inflation alongside commentary from Pierce. Speaking with the publication, Pierce said: "The advertising simply removes the concept of causation.” “Defense lawyers have to do a little extra work in getting a jury qualified,” he continued, “to help them recognize that this information that comes in over television and billboards might influence the way they make a decision sitting as a juror.”

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