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Amicus Win: SCOTUS Rules in Coinbase, Inc. v. Bielski in Alignment with DRI Center Brief

  • Published June 26, 2023

SCOTUS rules that lawsuit filed by one of the cryptocurrency exchange's users could not proceed until the company defends an appeal of a lower court ruling.

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled 5-4 in favor of Coinbase, Inc. in Coinbase, Inc. v. Bielski, thus allowing Coinbase to continue its effort to compel arbitration against the putative class action lawsuit, meanwhile halting the lawsuit's progress through the federal court system.

The DRI Center for Law and Public Policy filed an amicus brief in Coinbase, Inc. v. Bielski advocating for the ruling that the Supreme Court issued. The Center argued that the Ninth Circuit’s holding “goes far beyond affecting business interests,” and there are valid reasons as to why parties prefer arbitration.

The Center’s brief was authored by Sarah Elizabeth Spencer of Christensen & Jensen, P.C. in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Read the Amicus Brief (PDF)

Supreme Court Ruling (PDF)