Employment and Labor Law

Gordon Hill
Gordon Hill Committee Chair Hill Ward Henderson Tampa, FL

About the Committee

DRI's Employment and Labor Law Committee is a vibrant, active committee that provides education, shared expertise, professional development and networking opportunities to its members who are involved in the practice of Labor and Employment Law. These members include outside counsel, in-house counsel and human resource professionals and claims professionals from employment practices liability insurance carriers.

But perhaps the greatest resource of our Committee is our Communities Page-which is by far the most active in all of DRI. Have an urgent employment law issue with a client demanding an immediate answer? Staying late at the office in search of that one reported decision that could make or break your case? Throw it out to our hundreds of members on our List Serve and you are assured to get useful (and sometimes humorous) information in response.

Opportunities to participate in the Committee abound, and our current Steering Committee is committed to increase our membership and give members greater networking opportunities and avenues for becoming involved. A large percentage of Steering Committee members are new to the leadership of the Committee and we are proud of our commitment to involving new Committee members in our leadership. If you would like to view the complete Steering Committee structure and see all of our activity areas, navigate over to the side of this webpage and click on Leadership .

The 1,300 members of the DRI Employment and Labor Law Committee invite you to join us TODAY!

To access the DRI Employment and Labor Law Committee’s New Laws for 2021: State by State Legislative Update, please log on to the committee’s Online Community.

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