Diversity and Inclusion

Gary L. Howard
Gary L. Howard Committee Chair Walmart, Inc Rogers, AR

About the Committee

Diversity is a core value at DRI. DRI as an organization has intentionally embraced the goal of promoting diversity. Indeed, diversity is fundamental to the success of the organization, and we seek out and embrace the innumerable benefits and contributions that the perspectives, backgrounds, cultures, and life experiences a diverse membership provides.

DRI has demonstrated that it is on the path to becoming a thought leader on the issue of diversity within our profession. Aspirations to improve diversity in the legal profession must evolve to reflect changes in our society. Diversity must be viewed as perpetual practice rather than a goal to reach certain numerical markers. It cannot be achieved overnight. Diversity efforts require sustained commitment, leadership, innovation and financial support.

The centerpiece of DRI's diversity efforts continues to be the Diversity for Success Seminar and Corporate Expo held annually in June. The Diversity for Success Seminar is an innovative program geared toward diverse attorneys, in-house counsel and law firm management. In its five year history, DRI's Diversity Seminar has seen record attendance of more than 500 attendees and over 40 corporations participating in the Corporate Expo.

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee continues to push the envelope to bring cutting-edge and thought-provoking ideas to the diversity discussion. There are many opportunities within our committee to help make DRI a thought leader on diversity. If you have not already done so, we invite you to join the Diversity and Inclusion Committee, write an article for the newsletter, and help us achieve our goal.