DRI Dividends Member Reward Program


DRI Dividends: We know your membership is an investment and that's why DRI pays you dividends!

Effective January 2017, we are pleased to introduce the DRI Dividends program which enables you to earn points and rewards for using your member benefits! Attend a meeting, recruit a member, write an article, be a speaker, join a Substantive Law Committee and earn rewards!

Get engaged, get recognized, and get rewarded!

Program FAQs:

  1. Who is eligible?
    All active DRI members.
  2. When does the program start?
    The program began on January 1, 2017.
  3. How do I earn points?
    Please view DRI Dividends - How to Earn Points for more details.
  4. Can I get points for past activities?
    DRI Dividend points not awarded retroactively for membership activities prior to January 1, 2017.
  5. Are points cumulative year after year?
  6. Can I share or transfer points?
    Points may not be transferred to another member.
  7. How can I track my activity?
    You can view your activity on your member dashboard.
  8. Who can I contact with questions or want more information?
    Please contact Customer Service 312.795.1101 or custservice@dri.org.
  9. How do I redeem points?
    Please call Customer Service to redeem points.
  10. When can I redeem points?
    Once you have accrued enough points to redeem towards a reward you can contact Customer Service at any time to redeem.
  11. Are there any limits to the number of points I can earn?
    Certain activities have a maximum limit, but cumulatively there are no limits to the amount of points you can earn in any given time frame.
  12. I completed a points-eligible activity but haven't received my points yet. What gives?
    Different activities are logged in your account at different times. Some may be instantaneous while others may take a few months to appear. Additionally, points for certain activities may be awarded on an annual, biannual or quarterly basis.
  13. What are the rewards I can claim?
    These are DRI's Dividends Reward Tiers:
    • 1,500 Points: $250 Advocate Certificate
    • 2,500-3,499 Points: $500 Advocate Certificate, DRI Recognition silver finish pin
    • 3,500–4,999 Points: $500 Advocate Certificate, DRI Recognition gold finish recognition pin, Recognition in The Voice, FTD
    • 5,000–9,999 Points: Complimentary seminar registration, Blue Sapphire (faux) recognition pin, Mention in FTD, The Voice and at events
    • 10,000 Points: Complimentary registration to a DRI seminar of your choice, Mention in The Voice, FTD and at events, Blue Diamond (faux) recognition pin, Gift certificate/travel voucher
  14. How are seminar points awarded?
    Seminar points are only awarded for paid registrants.
  15. How are leadership points awarded?
    Leadership points are awarded for DRI appointed positions.
  16. What are DRI Dividends terms and conditions?
    Please view DRI Dividends - Terms and Conditions for more details.