RecruitmentRecruit full dues paying memberNew, Ex-Member, or Corporate member: 100 
EngagementMember of  SLC Committee20 per committee (maximum 100) 
EngagementLeader of a  Substantive Law Committee or Standing Committee

100 (chair)

75 (vice chair)

75  (program chair)

50 (all other leadership positions)

EngagementMember of Standing Committee50 per committee
ProgramsAttend a seminar or event

350 Annual Meeting

200 Seminar

50 Regional Meeting


Published in FTD/IDQ


Publish an article in newsletter50


(rewarded annually)
DRI Member for X years based on join date

500 (25+ years)

400 (20  years)

300 (15 years)

200 (10  years)

100 (5 years)


Purchase a Defense Library

Series (DLS) publication

25 per purchase
PhilanthropicParticipate in a public service project at a DRI event

The number of points award varies by type of project.  The points will be noted on the service project sign-in sheet. Participants must sign the service project sign-in sheet at the event in order to receive points.  Cash donations do not earn any points.  Points will be awarded under a tier system:

  • 100 (participation in a significant service project requiring at least an hour of volunteer time.)
  • 50 (participation in a significant service project requiring at least less than one  hour of volunteer time.)
  • 25 (donation of an item(s) for a collection/drive on behalf of a charity or other similar activity)

**  DRI may terminate the DRI Dividends program at any time without prior notice.