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The Fastest Growing Areas of Law Practice in 2023

Updated February 13, 2024

Whether you’re a law student or a seasoned attorney considering a change, this article will help you understand 2023's fastest growing areas of law practice.

As the world continues to evolve, so do the legal needs of businesses, individuals, and governments. In 2023, certain areas of law practice have seen skyrocketing growth, reflecting the changing dynamics of our society.

Whether you’re a law student, a young lawyer looking for the right practice area, or a seasoned attorney considering a change, this article will help you understand the fastest growing areas of law practice in 2023.

1. Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Law

With the rapid expansion of technology and the increasing reliance on digital platforms, cybersecurity and data privacy have become paramount concerns. The rise in online threats has created a greater demand for legal professionals.

These professionals must be knowledgeable about cybersecurity laws. They should also be able to provide guidance on safeguarding data. Additionally, they must be able to represent clients in cases involving data breaches and privacy disputes.

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There is also a Data Privacy and Protection Working Group within the DRI Center for Law and Public Policy, which is committed to supporting the Center and DRI’s members through legal scholarship and complementary educational initiatives for DRI members focused on ever-evolving global data privacy and protection risks, obligations, and best practices. The group seeks to make DRI a prominent voice for the civil defense bar in national and global discussions of substantive data protection and privacy laws.

2. Artificial Intelligence and Technology Law

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to transform industries, the legal landscape must keep pace with the regulatory, ethical, and intellectual property challenges AI presents. Lawyers specializing in technology law are in high demand, helping businesses navigate AI-related legal issues, negotiate contracts for AI applications, and address concerns surrounding AI ethics and liability.

The mission of the AI Working Group within the DRI Center for Law and Public Policy is, in part, to conduct a survey of current uses of AI in the legal profession and uses that can be reasonably foreseen. The working group also works identify potential benefits of AI to the legal practice, assess ethical and confidentiality issues; and recommend what, if any, regulation will be necessary.

3. Cannabis Law

The legalization of cannabis for medicinal and recreational use in various jurisdictions has created a burgeoning cannabis industry. Cannabis law practitioners are sought after to advise businesses on licensing, regulatory compliance, intellectual property rights, and navigating the complex legal landscape surrounding cannabis production, distribution, and consumption.

Find on-demand programming on cannabis topics through the DRI Learning Center to see if this is the right area for you to build your practice.

4. Environmental Law and Sustainability

As climate change concerns intensify, environmental law has taken center stage. Environmental lawyers are in demand to represent clients in environmental disputes, conduct environmental due diligence, and assist businesses in developing sustainable practices.

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Within the DRI Center for Law and Public Policy, the Climate Change & Sustainability Task Force is responsible for monitoring legal developments related to climate change and corporate sustainability and communicating important developments to DRI members through DRI’s publications and DRI’s SLCs. The task force is responsible for considering various potential impacts of climate change on DRI’s members and their clients including litigation and insurance matters.

5. Health and Telemedicine Law

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the adoption of telemedicine and digital health solutions. Health and telemedicine lawyers are now playing a critical role in navigating the regulatory framework governing telehealth services, ensuring compliance with patient privacy laws, and advising healthcare providers on legal issues related to remote healthcare delivery.

The members of DRI’s Medical Liability and Health Care Law Committee are a great resource for attorneys representing health care professionals and institutions. You can connect online today and meet your new connections in person during DRI's 2024 Medical Liability and Health Care Law Seminar in Miami. Learn more and register today!

6. Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Law

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology have disrupted the financial industry, leading to new legal challenges and opportunities. Cryptocurrency lawyers are in demand for guidance on regulations, ICOs, smart contracts, and resolving disputes involving digital assets.

7. Space Law

With the growing interest in space exploration and commercial space activities, space law has emerged as a niche area of legal practice. Space lawyers may handle space resource use, satellite rules, liability for space incidents, and make contracts for space missions.

Cybersecurity and data privacy law, artificial intelligence and technology law, cannabis law, environmental law, health and telemedicine law, cryptocurrency and blockchain law, and space law represent some of the fastest growing areas of legal practice. For more information on these areas and others to monitor, check out these articles from CLIO and Attorney At Work.

Lawyers who specialize in these fields will be important in shaping the law and helping clients with new challenges. Lawyers who keep up with new legal industry trends can set themselves, and their clients, up for success.

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To learn more about the Center for Law and Public Policy and its Data Privacy and Protection Working Group, AI Working Group, or Climate Change & Sustainability Task Force, or to get involved, please email

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