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2022 Stories

Get Ready for DRI's Annual Meeting!

At DRI’s 2022 Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, you can network with colleagues, earn CLE, and more! Learn more about DRI's biggest event of the year here.

Seeking Shelter in the Storm of Social Inflation: Emerging Strategies to Proactively Address and Effectively Resolve Risk

Just as new technologies, legislative efforts, and thought leadership have risen to meet the challenges of a global pandemic, polarization, and the need to reform, so too can creative and collaborative relationships between attorneys and those they represent help to solve the dilemma of social inflation.

What You Need to Know About NFTS and IP

Are NFTs merely a bubble that is about to burst, or a permanent fixture set to change the online landscape as we know it? DRI members Rachel Nicholas and Daniel Ueno go into detail about this.

Pay Equity in 2022 as the Women’s U.S. National Soccer Team Settles Historic Lawsuit

DRI member Chelsea Thompson discusses pay equity in 2022 in light of the historic settlement of the class action lawsuit brought by members of the USWNT against U.S. Soccer.

Thought Leadership: The Smart Way to Grow Your Practice

DRI’s Wendy Merrill breaks down how to develop your personal brand and establish yourself as a thought leader in the legal space.

Examining Disparities in Student Loans

At $1.73 trillion dollars, student loan debt has now surpassed credit card debt, according to a recent CNBC story. With a drastic effect on the ability of younger generations to keep up, student loans have come to the forefront of many political, economic, and social discussions and studies in recent years. It is very easy for some to say the student knew what they were doing when they took out the loans. However, that sentiment does not take into the vast disparities among borrowers, and the question always remains, “How did we get here?”

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